Saturday 7 July 2007

I actually made something!

Hello people!

I have something to show, folks. It is, essentially, old bricks. But not just any bricks, they're Castle Of Cadavers bricks! Please, try not to faint. I know, I know, this is ground-breaking :)

What you see here, is actually the fourth generation of Cadaver bricks I have experimented with. The first one looked pretty stupid. They were probably not so bad, but it's something like this I'm looking for. Maybe I'll release all the brick generations at some point. These bricks here will provide a solid wall for the various ruins that will be scattered all over Castle of Cadavers levels. I must point out, that these tiles will most probably change before you get to download the whole tileset from Jazz2Online. I am sorry to say, but that is still a far, far away date. These blocks are pretty much there is in this tileset right now.

My obligations to the studies are now over so, expect many additions to this blog during the summer and late summer. Unfortunately for the tileset creation progress I'll be going to the U, S and A in like, 24 hours. That will halt the progress for two weeks. I really hope to get the basic blocks of the Cadaver finished after the trip. After the basic essential tiles are done, I am fast at finishing the rest :)