Sunday 3 August 2008

DDD 42: Final note

42. 15 January 2008

I have started making the example single player level for Fortress of Forgotten Souls release. As I predicted, I would encounter problems and have to make changes to the tileset. So far these things have been changed from the first final version of the tileset: a bug out of the two tiles wide rocks inside the dirt ground, a new tile that makes possible to end a fence to down direction, and most of all, tiles that connect grass and brick platforms to each other. I desperately would like to add also tiles where brick wall connects to dirt wall, but there simply is not space for that :(
Making the example level has progressed poorly, when I started making the first castle part. Seems that I have lost my touch with JJ2 level making and I should take it easy. The part I did today was so lame, that I erased the whole thing, setting me back abour 20% from finalizing the level. I'll think about something better tomorrow. This example level has been in works since 12th of January, and I would believe I get to finish it by 18th or 20th.

3 August 2008 note: Yeah folks, this marks the very end of Dungeon development diary. It has been fun, I hope you had too. I am still unsure about how many people were reading this blog during the last fall and the spring because not so many commented on the entries. I, however, promised to do this, and I possibly couldn't break a promise :) Nevertheless, finishing this is a relief to me.

Strange Tales of Blade doesn't stop with this entry. There will be probably a pause in posting anything here, but when there's something to tell to Jazz2 gaming people, be sure that it will be posted here. Starting now: Developing the next tileset has begun (alongside with a new diary) ;)