Friday 11 January 2008

Dungeon development diary entry 10


Today the tileset moved nearer the completion again, 46 tiles to go.

10. 21th August 2007

The first time really working with the background layer stuff. Today I made a background layer image about an ancient graveyard site. It ended up pretty good. This is not yet ready, but could make it to the final release. The crown jewel of that drawing is the sitting angel on the gravestone. That is a detail inspired a Finnish painter Hugo Simberg and his "Wounded Angel". I additionally animated it to appear that she cries, and at least to me that looks awesome.

The unfinishedness of this picture is seen in the obelisk and the crypt. They lack something or they don't fit with the other stuff (small gravestones) to that ground. In the earlier entries I was worried about Dungeon progress, but this picture could be something that launches the faster development. When I get to make shadows for those twisted trees, the feel of the tileset is finally starting to build.

January the 11th note: This background picture did not make it to the final release. In the final release there is very similar graveyard picture, but what is viewed nearer. This one is like two or three layers of background art merged into one. That is not going to work that way. Some elements of this picture are reused in the new one, for example the Wounded Angel. That was too good idea to be scrapped.

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