Sunday 20 January 2008

Dungeon development diary entry 13

13. 21th October 2007

I created slopes for the broad brick ground. They look nice. In addition I made different kind of ledges for the walls. This beginning of the tileset starts to look pretty hard to use and I should probably do something to it. The day before yesterday 19th I made a spider web out of a model Googled from the Internet. The result is satisfying even though I am nowhere near the starting of drawing the eye candy tiles. I am bothered by the emptiness of the background layers. The graveyard gives the image and feel I intended, but still lacks something. I may have to redraw that at some point in the future.

Next step in the tileset development is to move on to background bricks and the solid bricks and make all the vegetation to them. This may prove to be pretty troublesome task to do. I have tried the vegetation implementation before but with mediocre results. To this date there are no evidence left of this :)

20th January note: An interesting fact about the finished Fortress of Forgotten Souls is that it actually has no stair tiles. This is something pretty confusing as I realized this a short while ago. Stairs were never in the plannings and I have never made any stairs, so there are no stairs in Fortress! Geez, I gotta start thinking out of the box some time very soon!

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