Tuesday 22 January 2008

Dungeon development diary entry 14

Hello all,

Now everybody can see the finished state of Fortress of Forgotten Souls, as I released it at Jazz2Online yesterday (http://www.jazz2online.com/J2Ov2/downloads/info.php?levelID=4986). The feedback has been awesome so far, thanks everybody! Here in this blog I continue to explain the developments in the tileset in October 2007. There are about 25 entries left to write :)

14. 24th October 2007

As the screenshot shows, the background bricks now have fully black parts. I built an extensive set of tiles to shape the black parts and additionally shape the corners of the background bricks when exiting interior spaces to outside air. This far it all looks pretty simplistic, but maybe eye candy will compensate all this. A little more variation to the background bricks, and I will move to make the dark parts to the solid layer 4 bricks. After all this the tileset should start looking like something :)

I believe I will scrap the idea of a steep slopes. They just don't look like something from the idea of Dungeon. In addition, there will not be diagonal parts in the ceilings. This will not harm the developing tileset in any way. I can always make something else.

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