Friday 4 January 2008

Dungeon development diary entry 8

Hello everyone!

The tileset is really good on the way to the release as almost every essential tiles and masked tiles are done, and about 60% of background layer stuff is finished. During the christmas time I have been developing the tileset everyday bit by bit and I don't see why to stop that pace now. Not long to the release anymore... :)

8. 19th August 2007

Day of generic work. I rearranged the tileset a bit, and did three 3x3 tiles large variations of differently broken bricks. That took pretty much all the time I worked on Dungeon today. This kind of tileset work is something that most of the tileset creation is to me. Making different applications of everything. It is not necessarily fun, but important. It does not need so much struggling and planning with artistic aspects or such. That makes the work easier, but the amount of it is often very very large. You will probably understand this statement when you see the finished tileset before you. However, I feel that the bricks I made today will make it to the final release. No doubt some changes will occur before the release, but these are the ones.

4th of January note: It is way too early to say anything about Blade tileset beyond Dungeon, but I believe when that happens, there will be a new blog (or this one continues). During this creation process I have not saved the daily versions of the developing tileset, and today I understood that I should have done that first thing in the beginning. Well, no time to worry about this now. Let's see about that in the future...

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