Saturday 10 November 2007

A quick update

Hello Jazzers!

My Castle of Cadavers tileset has progressed very much during the last month. The screenshot you see below in the previous entry is, I am proud to announce, very obsolete! I will actually soon start having space problems, since about 600 tiles out of 1010 maximum are already used. The dungeon part that the screenshot shows is already very enjoyable and playable, but lacks the primary eye-candy. Many of the essential tiles are done however.

When I started this blog, I said I would be writing to this blog in real-time, meaning that if I made something to the progressing tileset, I'd say it here. This has not come to reality unfortunately. However, I have made diary entries to a text file, that's here on my computer ^^. In addition to these texts I have captured screenshots from according development phases. They are fun to examine!

From the back row: "To the point already, Blade!" Yes, very well :) Soon I will be start adding these diary entries to this blog, and you will be having the excitement of reading what has been really happening in the tileset creation during this summer and the fall. There are two primary reasons why I didn't do this real-time. 1. I was lazy. 2. Most importantly, I was not so excited about releasing very unfinished screenshots of the tilesets. They could have parts that do not make it to the final release and would make people angry or some other unwanted mood. This would also interfere to my vision of the upcoming tileset since people would like to give their opinions on the tileset. This is not always bad thing, you guys have given me a lot of advice during these years in the great JJ2 community. The base of the tileset is a hallowed thing that I need to do by myself :) Now that the tileset is well on the way, and know that this is going to be released, I can show the screenshots and my thoughts more openly.

Yes, that's all folks for this time.

P.S.: Mike, I am waiting for another entry in your blog! ;)

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