Monday 26 November 2007

Dungeon development diary entries 3-4

Hello everybody!

No screenshots today, but after this I present one almost everytime with an development diary entry!

3. 14th August 2007

I made a variation of one of the July brick blocks. I didn't manage to fade the dominating brick away, but instead I got a feeling, that this whole project could start rolling from this point. I still have to change my working style a bit, and then I'll have the perfect basic blocks at my disposal.

I may make a 2*2 sized block of different kinds of bricks, which together are an entity, but they could be used separately. Out of these bricks will come also cracked versions and ones with vegetation on them. It is important to finish the basic tiles, they have so visible task in this tileset. I must make them darker somehow, because the tileset is supposed to be a dark one.

4. 15th August 2007

I made four new brick-candidates in about one hour. Unfortunately, they were not that good and the previous candidates remained better. These new ones tile better, though, but I can not make use of them in my tileset.

Frustrated, I looked in to my concept drawings made in spring 2007, and noticed, that even the first bricks were designed in the wrong direction. So there is a possibility I have to start designing the bricks completely from scratch. As always, I should have started with the walking platform tiles. At the same time, maybe, I could dictate to myself how the bricks should look like. I think it is better for everyone I noticed this little problem in time, because this could have led me to a painful dead end. I am thinking that now I really could get a hold on the wonderfulness of creating new :)

26th November note: A small piece of information to this point. I often listen to music while I make tilesets. I can always name some favourite tracks of certain periods of time, like when I was drawing Twilight Park, I listened a lot of Kingston Wall. Dungeon's top1 inspirational piece of music is from Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance Year Mix 2006. It's of course Mike Foyle with an exceptionally good dance track Shipwrecked (John O'Callaghan vs. Mike Foyle Club Mix). If you are even one bit interested in electronic music, check it out at YouTube:

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