Thursday 31 January 2008

Dungeon development diary entry 16

16. 3rd November 2007

I did today a lot of interior tiles, which have dark bricks or black surface in the background. The solid bricks can now be made hollow anywhere the user wants with multiple different ways. This reduces the dullness of the same brick pattern going on and on indefinitely. The tileset is quite a mess because of this "flow of the mind" approach, but I have now no will to change it. I am now, however, satisfied with the tileset progress, and the Dungeon being a mess doesn't bother me so much.

I am worried about me using to much space with all the basic tiles. Almost half of all space is used and I would still need to compress outside areas, eye candy and background layer stuff into this. This is going to be really stuffed tileset!

Now I really should move on to do the vegetation and maybe the eye candy and outdoor spaces. And those essential tiles, I don't have any of them yet.

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