Tuesday 8 April 2008

Dungeon development diary entry 17

17. 4th November 2007

Today I created a lot of vegetation and with awe I can say that suddenly the sterile dungeon transformed into a decaying, forgotten dungeon. This made me think that this tileset of mine is now well on the way. I think a release at the end of the year may not be so unrealistic after all. It is probable! My only concern on Dungeon now are its light colors. I think I will not interfere with that anymore, but now I am not so satisfied with all the light.

Next I will draw more vegetation. Right now I have nine different tiles of vegetation in the way that eight of them are walls, floor and ceiling blocks. I will need one more nine tile mix for variation. After this the drawing gets harder again. I will need to create the outdoor spaces which now feels like pretty huge challenge to me. Also essential tiles could prove to be a problem.

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