Wednesday 9 January 2008

Dungeon development diary entry 9

Hello hunams!

Each day Dungeon comes nearer its completion. Currently there is 67 tiles of empty space (out of the target count 1010) left!

9. 20th August 2007

I now have a bunch of these essential environment tiles. I still have in my mind that this tileset will not be as goodlooking as I had planned and said and whined before. At the moment this tileset skeleton looks like Space with all these squares and box-shapes. Space was not bad, but it was finished now over five years ago! During that period of time I should have some new ideas and techniques at my disposal. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that I have worked only on the most basic tiles, in this case, the bricks. At this moment they all look alike, if the subtle cracks are not counted. I hope that when I draw all the vegetation I have planned Dungeon will get a whole lot better.

The first 90 tiles are finished. I think these are quite polished and I don't have to touch them anymore. The newest concern about this tileset is that how this approach to the Dungeon theme consumes so much tiles. There may be a space problem ahead... if I decide to keep the Blade standard of 1010 tiles per a tileset.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Blade, I'm currently making a level with your Twilight Set so I guessed I should check your blog again. Though the tileset may be unfinished, it certainly looks promising and I can't wait until it is released. I just love your style with its mix of comic-like and detailed tiles :)