Friday 7 December 2007

Dungeon development diary entry 5

Hello people!

Time for the entry from mid-August, pretty near my birthday ^^. And behold, the first development screenshot from Dungeon there is! There is only one way from all that scarcity - it goes up :)

5. 16th August 2007

The new way I chose didn't prove to be as useful as I first thought. I spent almost an hour
drawing the plates that Jazz would walk on. I am getting a bit frustrated, because the similar ones in Twilight Park were finished almost instantly. Defending Dungeon I could say that now I am working on a harder subject. Usually I have plenty of nature in my tilesets and so will be also in Dungeon. It however feels more natural to begin with the man made constructions. Anyway, I have the very basic versions of the bricks, walls and walking plates. I find this state of the tileset amusingly Prince of Persia -looking. I hope that I get to better the tileset graphics as I continue further.

7th December note: I did get better graphics ;)

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