Wednesday 19 December 2007

Dungeon development diary entry 6

Hello everybody!

Not much new to tell, except that there is now a official name for the Dungeon tileset. I will reveal it closer to the tileset release :)

6. 17th August 2007

Looks like this could be it! I am not extra satisfied with these new drawings, but I may really have something real stuff here now. I have added shadows to the tiles I made yesterday, and the result has been somewhat good.

In addition, I made the first ground tile vegetations. As a test, of course, but this looked actually pretty good. I also made a start for the dungeon interior, but I grew tired of it, and it felt like the best decision to concentrate to that later. Now that the basic tiles are getting better, I think it is not good idea to create something new. I should take care of what has been created so far. I am still concerned that drawings I've done don't reach the vision of the concept art I did in spring this year. The first vegetation and some cracked tiles promise good, but something is missing.

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