Thursday 27 December 2007

Dungeon development diary entry 7

7. 18th August 2007

Now I feel, that I have passed my point of no return. I will not scrap this idea from this point on. The two different walking platforms work and look pretty good. Not the same as in the concept drawings, but I have never worked the same way as the admirable Agama. I feel the concept drawings had Agama-feel to them. The work I've now done don't show crearly that it's me behind all this. The closeness to the nature I've had in my previous tilsets is still missing from this one, as everything is still quite monochromatic. I have the feeling that this is not a pretty good way to start to build a tileset, but what choice do I have now? :) I have big plans for this Dungeon tileset and I have strong beliefs that the quality remains what I've had before since I do not hurry much with my tilesets. In addition, I would not dare release anything, if I was not satisfied with it.

Today I made the first background test. To a more detailed version I will concentrate much much later (although Twilight Park had its own quite fast...). I made the regular brickwalls borders, so that the seamless brick tile doesn't stop to the floor/ceiling/walls so abruptly.

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